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National Solar Network was created by Solar Industry Advisor and Aeronautical Engineer Zeke Rowland to service Australians residential and commercial solar requirements.

Zeke finished his Engineering degree at Sydney University in 2005. After 2 years of working for a Canadian aerospace company Zeke was drawn to the growing potential of the renewables sector.

Zeke soon found himself immersed within the solar industry working with the industry experts as they combined their unique experience to identify the critical elements for achieving superior results with solar power.

Most of Zeke’s early years in solar was heavily focussed on larger commercial solar for business applications before assisting companies and clients with residential solar to maximise their results.

After 14 years of working with other companies, Zeke founded National Solar Network to deliver better quality, service and value for money for our clients through National Solar Networks buying power and back up support.

​He identified a missing link in the industry where everyday Australians were being ripped off, misled and not receiving the generous Government Rebates they are entitled to.

​Through National Solar Network, Zeke has brought together industry experts to provide our clients with the most up-to-date and relevant advice for their situation and what they want to achieve out of their solar system. With his associates and partners expertise, only well-established brands who produce superior quality products have met the rigorous selection criteria National Solar Network demand for our highly valued client network.

​​Zeke is a senior technical advisor and highly sought after energy management consultant throughout the solar industry.

Zeke is also the creator of the Opti-Line Design System.

​Our commitment to you is to make it easy for you to make the switch to solar and provide you with everything you need to make an informed stress-free decision, assured with the piece of mind National + Solar Network back up support is always there.

Our Mission

Serving People & Our Environment Through Sustainable Solutions​

Our Values

Outstanding Service

We Are 100% Committed To Providing An Exceptional Customer Experience

Value For Money

We Deliver The Best Bang For Buck


We Supply Total Quality Solutions


We Embrace Resourcefulness & Innovation for Peak Preformence

Free Solar Savers Assessment

All you need to do is book Your Free Solar Savers Assessment to find out how you will benefit from solar and which solar solution is the right one for you. ​Your National Solar Network Consultant will help you understand key components including.

​STC’s (Government Rebate) – Discover How Much Rebate You Are Entitled To

​The Opti-Line Design System Benefits for Total Quality Performance

How Warranty Really Works and National Solar Network Protection

​The Difference Between High Quality Systems and Low Quality Systems

​The Optimal System Size and The Best Value Solar Energy Solution for You

National Solar Network
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