Commercial Solar Power Is a Great Financial Investment

Although Commercial solar systems are often larger than residential solar systems, they are still a great financial option. Commercial solar systems and commercial solar power can sometimes even offer a quicker return on investment than residential solar power.

If you own a business in Brisbane or the Sunshine or Gold Coast, you most likely use electricity throughout the day. You will significantly reduce your electricity costs by switching to a Commercial Solar System. In addition, your business will be contributing to a cleaner environment.

So, if you are ready to upgrade your business to a smarter, more efficient one that runs on renewable energy, Commercial solar power is an excellent option. Commercial Solar Power will offset most or all of your daytime electricity use. So, contact us today if you are ready to invest in sustainable energy and lower electric bills for your business.

At National Solar Network, we install top-of-the-line Commercial Solar Systems with the highest level of professionalism. We are passionate about creating long-term savings and getting our customers a solid investment return. We promise to deliver excellent customer service from start to finish. From your initial consultation to installation and solar power system maintenance, we will happily cater to your every need.

National Solar Network is known for its high-quality Commercial Solar Systems in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Our service professionals deliver smooth installations every time.

We value our customers and only provide top-of-the-line service and equipment for our Commercial Solar Power clients. As a local business, National Solar network understands the financial demands of running a successful business. That’s why we only install the most reliable Commercial Solar Systems.

Commercial Solar Power Will Reduce Your Business Running Costs

Commercial Solar Power has recently been growing as a cost-effective solution for businesses with electricity prices constantly rising. In addition, commercial Solar Power offers relatively short pay-back periods and long-term benefits.

The cost of quality Commercial Solar System equipment has become much more affordable in recent years. With affordable pricing for Commercial Solar Power and the potential to make a return on investment, businesses are gaining the opportunity to gain greater energy independence.

You will substantially reduce your long-term energy costs if you generate your own Commercial Solar Power.

National Solar Network services Commercial Solar Power to Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast businesses.

Asset Write-Off for Commercial Solar Power

National Solar Network is recognized in the Commercial Solar Power industry for its professionalism, excellent service, and quality products. Our Commercial Solar Power products are resilient and safe, with most having a warranty of some sort.

Rising energy costs are impacting more and more businesses in Australia. However, unless business owners take action to secure their financial future, they will continue to be affected by increasing electricity prices. Business owners can significantly reduce their overhead costs by investing in a Commercial Solar System.

Australian business owners have access to a range of tax breaks and financial incentives to help businesses save money on energy. With the financial pressures that companies face and consistently soaring energy bills, saving money on energy is a top priority. Recent government write-off incentives offer businesses assistance in obtaining more affordable.

Commercial Solar Power for Your Business

To save money for your business, start generating your power with a Commercial Power System. Commercial Solar Power in Queensland operates on a net metering system. Net meters allow your Commercial Solar System to self-consume all the energy your system produces and then sell the rest back into the main grid.

By self-consuming more electricity your Commercial Solar System produces, you can avoid paying for the electricity your business runs on. In addition, as a business with Commercial Solar Power, you may be eligible to receive credits on your electricity bill for any excess power you sell back to the grid.

Why Choose National Solar Network for Your Commercial Solar System?

The National Solar Network only uses the highest quality products. Not only is our product quality superior, but so is our service. We care about our customers as much as the products we deliver. We promise to provide consistent and professional performance to every Commercial Solar Power customer. When you choose National Solar Network, you will see a greater return on your investment over time.

Furthermore, we work collaboratively with some of the top international Commercial Solar Power brands. Our vast network of Solar Power connections gives us access to some of the latest and greatest technology.

Our Solar technicians have the training and experience to deliver impeccable Commercial Solar Power Installations.

National Solar Network is passionate about supplying and installing the best quality Commercial Solar Systems to fit your needs. We will ensure consistent, first-class installations every time.

You can count on us to assist you even long after installing your Commercial Solar System.

Is Commercial Solar Power a Good Decision?

Commercial Solar Power is an excellent solution if you want to lower your business overhead costs like many Australian business owners. With the inflating cost of electricity, you can tremendously offset your business energy bills when you switch to Commercial Solar Power. Not only will you reduce your overhead costs, but you will also help the environment when you start using a Commercial Solar System.

Why Should I Invest in Commercial Solar Power?

Since solar power relies on sunlight and the vast majority of businesses operate in the daytime, Commercial Solar Systems can be very useful to your business. Having a Commercial Solar System will undoubtedly offset your electricity costs.

Once you switch to a Commercial Solar System, you’ll generate all of your electricity for free with just sunlight! Self-consumption is the best way to guarantee you get the most return on your investment.

National Solar Network has advanced technology equipment to help you analyze your energy consumption. You can determine which Commercial Solar System best suits your business by tracking your energy usage patterns. Then, using your unique power usage patterns, National Solar Network will design a personalized Commercial Solar System for your business.

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    With electricity prices continually rising, investing in commercial solar panels is a wise financial investment. In addition, adopting a sustainable energy source can be a bonus for your business. Here are a few reasons by commercial solar power systems are worthwhile:

    • You can lower your contribution of CO2 to the atmosphere
    • Your company can improve its reputation and will gain sustainability credentials 
    • Commercial solar panels will protect you from inevitable energy price hikes 
    • You’ll secure renewable energy for your business while banishing its independence on grid connectivity 
    • Solar power is a reliable and low-risk investment

    Determining what size solar system your business needs will help to know how much electricity it uses. You’ll buy less energy from the grid if your business uses more solar power. So you can get the most from your investment by sizing your solar system to match your electricity needs.

    Small to medium-sized businesses in QLD pay for electricity in one of two ways.

    The first is a “flat rate tariff,” usually for businesses that consume less than 100 MWh annually. You can calculate a flat rate tariff by determining how much energy your company uses. We generally measure this in cents per kWh. You can pay a per-day rate or two flat rates: a daily rate plus a rate for nights and weekends. In most cases, you’ll have a daily fixed rate in addition to your kWh energy costs.

    The other electricity tariff is a “demand tariff” or “capacity tariff.” Demand tariffs are more common for businesses that use less than 100MWh a year. Your business is charged based on your peak energy demand with capacity tariffs. You’ll also have a fixed charge per kWh that you pay along with the demand tariff. 

    Many Australian business owners lease their business buildings or offices. If you wish to install a solar system on leased property, you must talk to your landlord first. 

    Installing a commercial solar system involves building alterations. Therefore, you’ll need the building owner’s approval before installing any solar equipment.

    In short, if your business can pay its electricity bills, it can afford a commercial solar power system. 

    Australian commercial enterprises are ideal for solar systems. That’s because they use the majority of their electricity in the daytime. While households use more energy in the early mornings and evenings, businesses operate primarily between 9 AM and 5 PM. As a result, commercial solar power systems can maximize energy production with peak sunlight hours.

    A commercial solar system is like a regular solar panel system but usually more extensive. Solar panels work by using layers of semiconductors. The semiconductors create electricity when they receive sufficient sunlight. 

    There are different types of solar panel construction. For example, some solar panels may perform better in high temperatures. On the other hand, other solar panels can work better with low-light optimization. However, Low-light optimization panels usually take up more space.

    For the most part, switching to solar power will help you reduce electricity bills. You will save money in two ways with a commercial solar system. First, you’ll reduce the amount of energy you buy from the grid. Second, you can profit from feed-in tariffs with any excess power you sell back to the grid. 

    The amount of electricity your solar system generates will depend on several factors like:

    • The size of your system
    • Whether your solar provider has installed the system in the most optimal location 
    • Your business’ electricity use patterns

    The Federal government in Australia provides lucrative incentives for businesses and organizations that invest in solar power. Your business can save on upfront costs through the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES).

    The SRES scheme permits your business to create Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). STCs have replaced the former Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). 

    You can sell the STCs to offset the price of your commercial solar system. In addition to STCs, there are feed-in tariffs. Feed-in tariffs provide ongoing financial incentives. They are usually applied as a credit to your electricity bill through your energy retailer. 

    So, for example, let’s say your commercial solar panels create more energy than your business needs. You can sell that excess energy from your solar system back to the grid. Then, the compensation you receive for the extra power is called a feed-in tariff.

    Payback periods vary depending on your initial investment in the system. In addition, the system size, energy use patterns, and feed-in tariffs will affect the payback period. However, the average payback period is anywhere from 3-5 years.

    The amount of electricity your commercial solar panels generate depends on the size of your system. In addition, the direction they are facing and the amount of sunlight will affect the energy output. For example, if your business receives shade from neighboring trees, your panels won’t produce the maximum potential energy. 

    Our consultants can help you with a free solar assessment for your business. We can also help you determine your commercial solar panels’ average solar energy generation.

    You can sell any excess energy you generate back to the grid. Be sure to check the feed-in tariff rate your electricity retailer offers. 

    A solar system that is properly maintained can produce electricity for 25 years or more. Most solar panel manufacturers guarantee 80% efficiency for at least 25 years. 

    High-quality solar panels require very little maintenance. The surface of panels can self-clean with a sufficient degree of pitch. However, we recommend periodic health checks for your solar system. That way, you can ensure your system continues to produce energy at maximum efficiency for as long as possible. National Solar Network will happily provide a maintenance schedule after installing your solar system.

    Yes. Since solar energy is a renewable energy source, it is easily replenishable on a human timescale. In addition, solar power generation doesn’t produce greenhouse gas emissions or air pollution. Therefore, solar energy is healthy for the environment. Switching to solar energy can help slow global warming and reduce your carbon footprint.

    Working out the rebate scheme is pretty simple. To figure out how much you’re entitled to, you’ll need to know the current price of STCs. As of 2019, the market value per STC is $37. That means you can earn $630 per kW you install. 

    So, let’s say you install a 6 kWh solar system. In that case, you would get $3,780 discounted from the total cost of your installed solar system. That means you will receive a more significant rebate for a bigger system. 

    If you install a 30 kWh commercial solar panel system for your business, you can receive a subsidy of $18,900. 

    If you’re unsure what size solar power system is right for your business, National Solar Network can help you. We offer free solar panel assessments for homeowners and businesses.

    While solar panels can cope with some shade, it’s best to have as little as possible. National Solar Network’s solar experts can advise you on the best design for your location. 


    Modern commercial solar panels work more efficiently in various weather conditions. However, they are still affected by any factor that reduces their sunlight reception. Therefore, if your roof or building has some shade, you can still benefit from a solar power system.

    At National Solar Network, we value our customers and their wishes. Therefore, we will try to get to know you and your business. Additionally, we want to understand your business goals to help you better. 


    We will create an energy profile analysis for your business during your initial consultation. Some information that will help us assess your business’ solar needs include:

    • Your business billing structure; what kind of tariff is your business on? 
    • Mandatory costs (e.g., ancillary, AEMO, service availability, etc.)
    • How much energy does your business consume during daylight hours? Knowing this will help determine what is the most important solar factor for you. For example, let’s say your business needs a 100kWh system. But what if you only have enough roof space to fit 50kWh? We can help you work around that to install the most efficient and cost-effective solar system. 
    • Scheduling a site visit for a solar assessment 
    • Analysis of your electricity bills 
    • Helping you project an accurate payback period
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