A solar inverter is a device that takes the direct current (DC) energy created by your solar panels and turns it into alternating current (AC) electrical energy your home can utilize to power your appliances, lighting, and other electronics. In case your inverter stops working, your home will no longer receive the electricity your solar panels produce. This means you could end up with an unexpectedly high electrical energy bill because you were using electrical energy from the utility grid without even realizing it. Your inverter is the heart of your solar panel system. Any problems, breakdown, or time offline has a direct impact on your solar production and cost savings. The optimizer on each solar panel ensures you get the most out of that panel every day. If one optimizer stops working, your system will continue to run, however overall production efficiency will reduce. So how can you take care of your solar inverter to prevent issues? What should you do if you need solar inverter service, or solar inverter repair work done? National Solar Network has actually installed thousands of solar inverters and optimizers over the past 10-plus years. Our skilled service technicians will deal with your solar inverter software application to diagnose the problem. Once diagnosed, we will assist file for replacement parts and swap inverters or optimizers on site. Upon completion, our service technician will ensure your solar power system is fully functional. Send a service request today so we can restore peak performance.

Can I Fix My Solar Inverter Myself?

No. You should under no circumstances try to repair an inverter yourself. It is a complex piece of technology that requires a lot of technical knowledge, and you could wind up making the issue even worse, or injuring yourself if you attempt to fix it. In addition to making the problem even worse or injuring yourself, trying to fix the inverter by yourself could void the maintenance and service contract for your whole solar system. In addition, you could deal with repercussions from your utility company and other government entities due to the fact that you aren’t a certified solar service technician. Ultimately, if you discover that something seems off with your inverter, it is best to call in the specialists. They need to have the ability to quickly identify the problem, and either repair or change the inverter as needed.

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