Burpengary Solar Panel Installers

Burpengary Solar Panel Installers

National Solar Network

As the premier Burpengary Solar Panel Installers, we have countless Solar Panel installations across Burpengary. The numbers speak for themselves – our Burpengary Solar Panels are evident on the rooftops of houses all across Burpengary.

From residential solar panel installations to commercial Solar panel installations, National Solar Network is here for your every need. As the leading Burpengary Solar panel installer in Burpengary our goal is to help each and every client minimize their energy bills and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. So whether you are looking to implement Burpengary Solar Panels in your personal home or your business location, our team is ready to ensure that you get the ideal systems to meet your unique profile.

National Solar Network serves clients across the South East Queensland Region. We serve all communities, from homeowners to commercial or industrial buildings to retirement communities and schools. We have helped our customers save tens of thousands of dollars every year, we can help you save money with Burpengary Solar Panels no matter who you are.

No solar panel install job is too big or too small. Our team will cater to you – whether it’s a small residential roof or a large commercial site – we offer superior solar panel installations. Our Burpengary Solar Panel systems are powerful yet flexible and can easily be expanded.

Solar Panel Installations in Burpengary Will Save You Money

If you’ve been thinking about installing Burpengary Solar panels but don’t know where to start, look no further. National Solar Network is here to do the hard work on your behalf and help educate you on Solar panels and all their benefits. That way, you can feel confident about choosing the right system for your unique needs. From there, you can request a free quote from us for your customized Burpengary Solar Panel system.

Burpengary has one of the highest rates of Solar installations Queensland. So why exactly have over 30% of Burpengary homes taken to Burpengary Solar Panels?

Let’s examine some of the reasons why installing Burpengary Solar Panels are on a rapid rise on roofs in Burpengary. We’ll also discuss the benefits of installing Burpengary Solar Panels over traditional energy options.

How Much Energy Can Solar Panels Produce in Burpengary?

The beautiful Burpengary is endowed with dreamy tropical weather all year round. The subtropical climate means Burpengary also receives a wealth of sunshine. We get roughly five or more hours of “peak sunshine” per square meter a day. With such an abundant supply of sunshine, it’s no wonder Burpengary Solar Panels are on the rise.

So how much usable energy can we derive from 5.2 hours of peak sun per day? A 6.6kWh Burpengary Solar Panel system can generate up to 27.7kWh of electricity a day. That means a 6.6kWh Solar panel Installation makes enough energy to supply the average family home.

Finding the Optimal Solar Panel Solution for Your Home

Have you ever actually taken a closer look at your electricity bill? If so, you’ve probably seen your energy usage broken down and listed in kilowatt-hours, abbreviated as kWh. Kilowatt-hours are the standard units that are used in virtually all electricity billings. Therefore, you should be able to get an average kWh for your household by assessing your electricity bills over time and calculating an average kWh.

The amount of kWh your household consumes will vary depending on what time of year it is. Generally speaking, your kWh will average between 15 and 25kWh daily energy. However, your household’s kWh usage may be more or less, depending on your unique lifestyle factors.

To find the appropriate Burpengary Solar panel installation for your home, you’ll want to find out the average kWh usage of your home or unit. While there is no exact science to calculating kWh usage, having an average number in mind will be beneficial to servicing your tailored solar panel solution.

The most common size of solar panel systems in Australia is 6.6kW. Generally speaking, a 6.6kW offers the most value for your money, but if you use more than 25kWh per day, you might benefit from investing in a system larger than 6.6kW.

Your financial return on installing Burpengary Solar panels will increase the more you self-consume solar energy. Buying power in Queensland is always more expensive than the price of installing Burpengary Solar panels. Therefore, the more you directly use your Burpengary Solar panels, the more money you will save.

So, what happens to any excess solar energy that you pay for? That extra energy is commonly referred to as a “feed-in tariff.” Essentially, you get reimbursed for the extra power. The rate you are paid will depend primarily on the electricity company and your specific plan.

It’s in your best interest to explore costs and do research to find the best plan that caters to your specific needs.

Solar Rebate In Burpengary

For homeowners in Burpengary who choose Solar Panel installations, some generous federal government Solar Rebates are available. The federal government rebate essentially reimburses the cost of installing a Burpengary Solar panel system through small-scale technology certificates (STCs). This feed-in tariff is up to 20c per kWh for homeowners in Burpengary! You will get this tariff amount from your retailer.

You don’t need to claim the rebate yourself. The incentive is applied directly to the price of your Solar Installation, so all you need to do is compare out-of-pocket costs for your Burpengary Solar Panel Installation.

The actual value of your rebate will depend on your location and Solar Panel Installation size. However, as a general rule of thumb, it’s about 30-40% of the total cost of your Solar Panel Installation.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Solar Panels in Burpengary?

Burpengary Solar Panel installations are priced at some of the lowest rates globally. The rebate system has been a critical factor in making Burpengary’s Solar Panel some of the lowest in the world.

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Burpengary?

Absolutely. As previously mentioned, Burpengary Solar Panel installations are some of the lowest-cost in the world.

Burpengary Solar Panel Installation are amongst the leading methods for saving Burpengary homeowners money. Our clients, on average, save thousands of dollars per year after opting to use Burpengary Solar Panels. In addition, payback periods for solar panel installations typically range from 3 to 5 years.

Here are some additional benefits of using Burpengary Solar Panel installations:

  • Get a return on your investment in three to five years
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by generating clean, renewable energy
  • Protect your future and that of your children
  • Avoid the constantly rising cost of power/electricity
  • Tremendous savings on your power bill
  • Receive a generous rebate for your solar panel installation

Maximizing Value From Your Solar Panel Installation in Burpengary

The top two saving tips recommended by the Burpengary City Council are using Solar panel Installations and buying renewable energy. To maximize value from your Burpengary solar panel installation, we recommend cleaning your solar panel installation at least once a year. In addition, you can get the most from your Solar panel Installation by using as much solar panel energy as possible. That way, you will be getting the most return on your investment on Burpengary Solar Panel Installation. You can also use power optimizers or micro-inverters to maximize the output of your Burpengary Solar Panel Installation and avoid losing efficiency.

Which Direction Should I Install My Burpengary Solar Panels?

Your solar panel’s direction can impact your solar system’s efficiency and overall performance. A north-facing solar panel installation will produce the most energy, with peak production at mid-day while the sun is strongest. Solar panel installations facing the Northeast or Northwest will produce slightly less power.

East or West facing Solar panel Installations are appealing because users can use more energy. A Solar panel Installation facing East or West will start generating power earlier in the day and finish later in the afternoon. So while the system’s overall energy output is lower, more energy is being used. You’ll need to consider how your household uses power when determining which aspect is suitable for your energy requirements. For example, if you are out of the house for most of the day, it might be more appropriate for you to install an East-West solar panel.

How Does Solar Battery Storage Stack Up in Burpengary?

No matter what solar panel installation you opt for, you will get a return on your investment. However, the return for solar batteries currently is lower than the return for solar panel installations. The main reason is that solar batteries are more expensive and don’t offer the same rebate as solar panel installations in Queensland.

While the payback period is longer, there are some great benefits that make solar batteries worth it. Some advantages of installing battery systems include a reduced carbon footprint and having a power source during a blackout. An alternative option that some people are installing is a “battery ready system.” This system gives people the flexibility to choose from a greater selection of batteries through a hybrid solar inverter.

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    The most common form of Sunshine Coast Solar Power installed in Queensland is grid-connected solar.

    If you switch to Sunshine Coast solar power, you probably want to know how to maximize your solar system efficiency. Well-positioned solar panels generate power most efficiently. North-facing is optimal, but other directions have their benefits as well. 

    Ample sunlight exposure is also essential for solar panels. Finally, make sure there is no obstruction by shade from trees, power lines, or other structures.

    Depending on the amount of sunlight available, grid-connected solar systems operate in one of the following ways:

    • The solar system produces more energy than the household consumes during daylight hours. If so, household appliances could run off solar power. Then, you can export any excess solar power you generate to the electricity grid. If you feed surplus energy back to the grid, your energy retailer may reimburse you with feed-in tariffs. 
    • Or, the solar system produces less energy than the household uses during daylight hours. In this scenario, your solar system would provide as much energy as it generates. Any additional power you need would come from the electricity grid.

    Prices vary according to your system size. We will provide you with a quote after your free solar assessment.

    A metering system can track your solar generation, consumption, and export. In addition, a meter will also provide data for electricity billing.

    Solar batteries are a great alternative to grid-connected systems. In most states, the price of electricity that solar users sell back to the grid is getting lower and lower. Thus, many solar customers choose to use their stored electricity. With a solar battery, you can keep your excess energy rather than feed it back to the grid. Then, you can use it to power your house at night. Many battery storage systems have the capability to supply power during blackouts as well.

    A system that does not connect to the electricity grid is called a stand-alone system. We typically see stand-alone solar systems installed in remote areas with limited grid connectivity. They are also typical in houses or circumstances with low electricity demand. 

    Unlike grid-connected systems, a stand-alone Sunshine Coast solar power system must have a battery to source energy at night. Sometimes stand-alone systems also include a diesel or petrol generator to supplement energy needs.

    As approved solar retailers, National Solar Network operates based on an ethical code of conduct that adheres to Clean Energy Council requirements. As a result, you can be confident that our team will help you with the utmost professionalism and best practice standards. We will also assist you the entire way with a transparent sales process. 

    Our team of trained and experienced solar experts can help you design the perfect site-specific design for your home or business. Furthermore, we will provide a performance estimate and finish with a smooth installation by an accredited installer. We also offer the most reasonable warranty terms. If you have any issues or questions with your Sunshine Coast Solar Power, call us, and we will happily help.

    Yes. We only sell and install products approved by the Clean Energy Council

     All our products go through a Product Assurance program testing. We also assure you that our products comply with Australian solar standards.

    Yes. We have trained electricians with the necessary training to design and install renewable energy systems. In addition, we follow best practice standards and only install safe, reliable systems that meet or exceed your expectations.

    National Solar Network adheres to all relevant Australian standards when designing and installing Sunshine Coast Solar Power systems.

    Before installing your solar system, National Solar Network will give you a free solar assessment. That may involve a site inspection or home assessment. Both are great ways for us to determine your unique requirements.

    Every home and business is different and has distinctive wants and needs. Therefore, a pre-installation inspection is the best way for us to correctly identify the optimal location for your solar power system. We also need to ensure that we place the solar inverter at an optimal location. A pre-installation assessment will also allow us to provide you with accurate installation costs. 

    We will ensure that you approve any variations to the original system design or cost discrepancies before installation. Your needs and consent are a top priority for us.

    Yes. You can fill out an application with your electricity distributor.

    Timelines can vary widely between distributors. However, the average approval time is about 30 days. You can also contact your distributor directly to find out how long it will take to get an answer.

    The amount of energy your solar panels generate can vary due to:

    • The amount of dust and water vapor in the air
    • How much shade covers your roof
    • Cloudy conditions
    • The quality of your solar panels
    • Roof orientation

    Yes. You can pair most modern solar batteries on the market with most Sunshine Coast solar power systems. The price of solar batteries is becoming more affordable as well. That makes it a viable option for those who wish to switch to an off-grid system.

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